Olan Rogers

Olan Rogers is a dimple-faced Youtube creator, a relentlessly unconventional filmmaker, a golden-tongued soda aficionado with a Parlor to prove it, and a purveyor of the finest apparel this side of the Milky Way(much to Emperor Zragoth’s chagrin.)

He has worked tirelessly on projects as diverse and as colorful as the worlds of Star Wars — a franchise which also falls into his eclectic repertoire. If it isn’t special-effects-laden web originals or fan films, it’s a free pizza party tour of the US, a science fiction novel, an absurdist sketch, an animated series, a college scholarship program, or a faithful service to charity.

His fans are his lifeblood. He is a gladiator fighting for his rightful place among giants. You can call him the The Master Commander, the Tennessee Wonder Child, or the Comeback Kid. 


Olan Rogers 2:00 PM
Age Limit: 16+